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4 Miles of Hope Walk/Run

Join Pearce and her friends as they take on this 4 Miles of HOPE which is filled with uphill challenges for the seasoned athlete as well as the casual walker, much like the travels of a child with cancer.

Pearce, now 18, is an incredible child who sets and achieves high goals. Recently Pearce won the Prudential Spirit of Service Award and the Governor’s Youth service award for her work with the Foundation as well as the ABC Network Summer of Service Award. She currently is a senior at Padua Academy. Pearce works a part time job, manages the school softball team, and is looking forward to a bright future as she applies to colleges with a major in Public Relations. Pearce is devoted to giving back to children with cancer and help make their struggle a little more bearable. Pearce knows that she is considered one of the “lucky” kids in the fight against childhood cancer and has a great desire to help others as much as she can.

This event will help kids and their parents through direct financial and personal support as well as to raise awareness to the challenges of coping with this life threatening disease. So join Pearce as she continues to help raise HOPE.

Sign up for the 2016 4 Miles of Hope on April 30, 2016 here!

More: Call 302 753 8612 for more information

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