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SU2C - September 7, 2012

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Thirteen-year-old Pearce Quesenberry is playing Wii Dance, with her brother and friend. It's hard to imagine that considering two years ago she was so sick. She was getting an experimental treatment for a rare brain tumor at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Katie Couric Interview

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Pearce wins Kohl's Kids Who Care Scholarship Program

Pearce Quesenberry, of Marshallton, has been selected by Kohl's department stores as one of 10 national winners of a $10,000 scholarship through the Kohl's Kids Who Care Scholarship Program.

Cancer survivor now fighting for others, Youngster turns own agony into a mission

Cancer hit Pearce Quesenberry hard two years ago when she was only 10 -- and she is determined to help every other child she can to avoid that agony.
The motivation to help others in this way came after Pearce learned on Feb. 22, 2008, that she had a brain tumor, a severe form of cancer called medulloblastoma, which quickly spread to her spinal fluid.

Pearce in Seattle

View Story Published: Feb 13, 2009 at 11:24 PM PST on the KOMO News

SEATTLE -- Eleven-year-old Pearce Quesenberry is battling a serious form of brain cancer, but she brims with life.

This young girl's radiance and courage inspired compassion in the Roosevelt High School's girls' basketball team.

The players first met Quesenberry at a basketball tournament in Delaware.

"The first day she came she was just so charismatic, and she just talked so much and she was just 'go, Riders!' She's just so into it," said team captain Frannie Hemmelgarn.

Since then, Quesenberry has fought an uphill battle. To treat her brain cancer, Quesenberry underwent high-dose radiation and months of chemotherapy. She has beaten the disease for the time being, but doctors give her a 70-percent chance to live five more years.

Quesenberry still manages to smile, and her friends are amazed.

"It helps me put things into perspective. Like I hurt my knee last year, and she had brain cancer. And she survived. And just the fact that she's so positive about that," said Hemmelgarn.

The team was so inspired by Quesenberry's story, in fact, that they decided to invite her to their final home game of the season.

Off court, the players sold cookie dough and held fundraisers to fly their beloved friend and her parents to Seattle.

"I couldn't wait. I've been counting down the days," Quesenberry said.

The long-awaited game day finally arrived on Friday. The team embraced their honorary guest as if one of its own, and Quesenberry gladly accepted.

As the coach laid out the game plan and players leaned in to listen, Quesenberry was right alongside them. From the locker room pep talk to the player introductions, she was a part of the team.

"They're just really nice and so fun to be around," Quesenberry said.

"We just hit the jackpot with her. Everybody fell in love with her immediately," said coach Gregg Kalina.

Quesenberry is working to help others through the Pearce Q Foundation, which aims to raise money and awareness for children with cancer.

Stand Up to Cancer September 7th 8 PM ET/PT

This is a unique joint mission involving the big three major television networks, ABC, CBS and NBC. This unprecedented collaboration will simultaneously broadcast a cancer fundraiser on September 5th. CBS Evening News Anchor Katie Couric met with Pearce and she has been invited to appear on the show. People think oh you have cancer, its really bad, but its really bad. Like all the stuff you have to go through, yeah. Its a lot. said Pearce during her interview.

WOW! Bryant Gumble, Charlie Gibson, Katie Couric and our Pearce Quesenberry, all Standing Up 2 Cancer!

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